Mid-Layer Jacket

An intermediate layer not only provides warmth and comfort, but also makes optimum use of the breathability of a sailing suit. The used 3L4WS material is wind- and water-tight, so the jacket can also function as an outer layer. The smooth exterior of the material ensures that the sailing suit has little resistance, so you can keep moving.



  • Breathable, wind and waterproofmaterial
  • Streches in 4 directions for optimal freedom of movement
  • Non-pilling microfleece inside for insulation and warmth
  • Pre-bent sleeves
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Slit-in pockets with waterproof zip
  • Optimal wearcomfort
  • Ideal to use as a mid-layer underneath breathable sailing wear
  • Or just alse comfortable jacket

Technical properties

Imhoff shares your passion for sailing. We strive for perfection and we are constantly searching for the best quality and technical improvements with regard to materials and workmanship. We want you to enjoy the water and wind conditions to the extreme. That’s why we make technical sailing wear which has the highest quality in terms of breathability and waterproofness. At Imhoff a basic jacket has more features than many top models of any other brand. Well considered and practical.

Breathable materials allow moist produced by the body to pass the shell material but in return are fully waterproof. Breathable materials have been on the market for quite some time now, but the constant technical developments allow us to take breathability one step further. The latest Hi Tech materials have incredible breathable properties. Imhoff uses both 2 layer breathable materials such as VPR-10 as well as 3 layer extreme breathable materials such as VPR-20. Breathability is measured in litres per square meter per day. Our latest developed material VPR-20 has a breathability of 20ltr/m2/day.

Waterproofness is something which is difficult to explain. A material is waterproof up to a certain water pressure. For Imhoff a material is waterproof if it can withstand a pressure of at least 5000 kg. per square meter, or 5 meter water column. Our VPR-20 material has a waterproofness of 20 meters water column.

Taped seams
All Imhoff jackets have taped seams. We use the best quality tapes available on the market today to make sure you stay absolutely dry.

Functional and comfortable
As a sailor you want to have optimal freedom of movement. During the design process this is already taken into account. Imhoff sailing jackets have pre-bent sleeves in all their sailing jackets. The quality of a sailing jacket depends partly on the quality of the accessories such as zippers and the used yarns. At Imhoff we only use the best quality. Most models have fleece lined collars with integrated fluorescent multi-adjustable hoods. And some models have handwarmer pockets with detachable quick drying fleece lining.

Safety is an important issue on board sailing yachts. At Imhoff we take this issue very seriously. That is why all our jackets have integrated fluorescent hoods. The lining of all our jackets is open at the bottom hem to prevent water getting trapped should one fall overboard.

At Imhoff we manufacture technical sailing wear for sailors. For men, women and kids. Most models are designed as unisex models. For the ladies we have a special shaped model. To keep the kids dry we developed a special collection jackets and sailing trousers for them too. Even for people with extra long legs or shorter legs, we have special sizes available in our collection.